Beware of Online Gambling!

Online gambling, much like casinos and live poker games can be a fun way to waste a little time and win a little money. Not only is it a great leisurely activity, it can be lucrative if luck is on the side of the player. Unfortunately many people tend to forget that gambling whether it be in person or online can become a serious and dangerous addiction that could ruin the lives of the player.

Thousands of people visit online casinos and poker rooms for momentary entertainment. But there are thousands of people who visit these online casinos to satisfy a craving called addiction. An addiction to online gambling can affect a persons life in more ways than one. It has the potential to plummet grades, create job loss, damage relationships and ruin credit. In actuality, there is about 5% of people who will eventually gamble online and develop some sort of addiction.

What Makes Gambling addictive?

There are many reasons why online gambling can be extremely addictive. It’s nothing like playing live at the casino or playing a video game. There are many underlying factors that makes online gambling a dangerous game to play.

One of the things that makes online gambling potentially dangerous to the player is the fact that it gives the players an anonymous and convenient way to gamble. It’s hard for family and friends to recognize that there is a gambling problem, when they have no idea the player is even gambling. Online casinos gives players a way to be more private when it comes to their gambling habits, making online gambling an indispensable part of their lives. Players can gamble online at anytime without actually leaving their home. Online casinos can practically be taken just about anywhere and played everywhere in complete anonymity.

It may be hard to believe but online gambling has the ability to stimulate the brain, creating a strong high that could easily be compared to drugs. The brain of someone with an addiction is much different than the brain of someone without an addiction. The high that players get from winning is the high that players continue to chase whenever they visit an online gambling casino.Winning has the ability to produce feelings of pleasure, and even though players are not physically at the casino or ingesting a substance, playing online still has the ability to satisfy the need of the player.

One of the biggest things that makes online gambling such a tricky and dangerous thing is that online gambling doesn’t consist of players handing over cash. When it comes to gambling online, everything is done digitally making the process and transactions easier to handle. Online websites tend to operate through connecting to player’s bank accounts and or credit cards to receive the money needed for their player’s gambling affairs. The ability to do everything digitally might seem convenient but it could cause players to lose reality on just how much money they are losing.

Online gambling is available around the clock, which means that players can play whenever they feel like it. If they have the urge to satisfy their addiction, they can simply roll over and play a couple of slots. Internet gambling offers a safe haven for people who wish to play at all hours of the day or night no matter their location.

Online gambling websites can not verify the age of children, which means that many kids and teenagers are visiting online gambling sites and playing with no type of authorization. Statistics show that young children and teens who are introduced to gambling at an early age will more than likely develop an addiction when they are older. Online gambling websites have no way of checking the age of the gambler, making online gambling an open market to just about anyone.

9 Warning Signs to Look Out For

Gambling addiction doesn’t happen suddenly. It is a gradual thing that happens over time. There are many different warning signs that players can pay attention to so that they can avoid the pitfalls that come along with online gambling addiction. Excessive gambling over the internet can create hidden addiction. There are few visible signs. But over time these signs will become more and more apparent.

  • 1.Using Online gambling to avoid negative feelings loneliness, anxiety or depression
  • 2.Neglecting school, work, family and everyday responsibilities
  • 3.Becoming moody when online access is denied
  • 4.Lying about time spent gambling online
  • 5.Mood swings that are based on winnings and loses
  • 6.Borrowing money to win back losses
  • 7.Unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling
  • 8.Stealing money from friends and family or engaging in criminal activity to support a
    gambling habit
  • 9.Thoughts of suicide because or consequences of internet gambling problems
  • Online gambling addiction is a real thing. And there are serious consequences that comes along with gambling addiction. If a player believes that they have an addiction to gambling, there are professionals who are trained to help. There are numerous options such as counseling, and a variety of methods that will help a person move towards recovery. There are also support networks that are great tools when it comes to helping online gamblers with addiction.

    Online gambling addiction will not get better on it’s own. It’s a disease that progressively gets worse. It’s important to seek help as soon as the warning signs begin to surface.

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